Yes, I am a Chef now. Thanks to Quarantine!

by Jashraj Amesar
Yes, I am a Chef now. Thanks to Quarantine!

Proudly, I can now call myself a Chef now. People always say when you’re alone in life, you get time to find yourself. I always loved helping my mom at home. Sharing is caring. I lived a bachelor’s life for almost 2 years. I used to hardly cook for me apart from Coffee, Maggie that’s it.

I didn’t know cooking at all at the initial stage but later when I shifted to Mumbai with my two other Best Friends then was the time where I started to cook. Not actually cook but yeah use to help them and check whether I can or I cannot. My mum was very happy that my friends were teaching all these things. Being a bachelor’s life is not easy at all.

Daily cooking cleaning working. Not at all possible. Here I was different. I am very strict when it comes to cleanliness. Sorry, I think I am going off the topic. Back to chef thing. I am fond of Hotel Ka Khana. I loved the tasty hotel food a lot. People say it’s not healthy, no hygiene is maintained ever but I still used to love it. Wait not used to I still love it.

When this lockdown was announced due to Corona Virus, I was scared. Initially, I was scared of my taste buds. I will have to now eat healthy home food only and will be missing the Hotel Ka Khana allot. Now, the question was how to make hotel type food at home. Initially, I was very free at home, nothing to do much and I have Jio TV and Jio Fibre connection at my home.

I don’t like it much but still as I have it now so I had to use it. It had YouTube in it, luckily! I searched some recipes like Panner Mirch Masala, Hakka Noodles, Red Sauce Pasta, White Sauce Pasta, Pav Bhaji( I follow him more ), Cheezy Sandwich, Home Made Pizza, and much more. These online YouTube videos looked for just 5 min or 10 min but dude the real-time and efforts I learned after actually making it.

Zoff Spices

Hats of to these people for creating great content and with such great variety. The main role who played in the taste part was Zoff Spices, the best spices I have ever tried. They gave the perfect texture, perfect color, perfect taste. I have been using it for almost a used and I never got a chance to complain. If you want you can also order them or buy from the nearest store to get the best from your food which takes so much effort to get perfectly ready and give smiles to our family members.

Some of them I would love to showcase here as what all I have made. You can click on the links on the above-mentioned dish names and you can even try them at your home. Worth the effort for the taste in this lockdown type hard times. I was not at all allowed to order food from outside because of the Corona Virus so I then decided to make this at home only.

The fun part was I loved cooking and my family was very happy to see me cook especially my mom. She was just feeling relaxed that his son is finally there at home to help here. As maid was also not allowed at homes so I used to even clean the house with brooming and floor cleaning.

Great Big Boss Shoe

The food part was more good because my mom was happy seeing me like this. She asked me if I can cut the vegetables or let my sister do it. I used to say just tell her the onions one to cut and rest I used to cut.

The great part starts here when she came to know I can even cut the vegetables perfectly. Even I was shocked seeing my talent. I am very quick at learning things so I had seen somewhere as to how to cut them that’s it, I never forgot. Yeah, I don’t cut onions is because then my eyes cry allot and I hate the water in my eye because it irritates allot later plus I have big sized specs. You must have seen it in the sidebar image 🙂

This sudden interest in food changed my drinking and smoking problems. Because it was interesting and fun work to do I never used to think about them. Now I am fully Detoxed and I have finally left all the bad habits. Trust me I do recommend you all to try and cook at home, it will help you all leave your bad habits allot.

Thank you for reading my blogpost. I would really love to hear from my dear readers. If you even have some suggestions about anything, in particular, you can connect with me through the Social Media links or else can even visit my Contact Me page which will guide you further. I have also created my own Privacy Policy page, please go through it first if you have any queries about the blog. It really takes allot to create great content, would only request you all to please do SHARE this blog post with your family and friends. Might even help others as it helped you. Please click on the Social Icons to help spread the work directly. Thanks!

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Darshan Shelar May 16, 2020 - 10:30 PM

Nice keep going bro !!


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